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I went through 5 majors in college before realizing that I am most excited when those around me are excited. I'm passionate about coming alongside brands I believe in, elevating their mission, and shouting your their dreams from the rooftops!



- The goal I'm working toward is to exist as a storytelling vessel for non-profits and small businesses who may not have room in their overhead budget for a full-time marketing department, but still want high quality, aesthetically pleasing, and emotion-focused stories to be a part of their brand.

- Target audience is: Non-profits, especially those with missions that are focused on serving people, the environment or serving a social/community need. Small businesses, especially those local to the PNW, that are community centered, provide a unique product/craft, and/or are looking for storytelling and/or visual content that is artful, bold and honest (bonus points if they are female-led ;) haha)

- Brand adjectives: unique, bold, emotion-focused, fun, honest, artful, relational, professional, heart (not really an adjective... but you know what I mean!)

- The “why” behind what I do/what makes me different from other options: I don't think that small brands need to choose between having an affordable budget or beautiful content. I also don't think that affordable content should equate to low-quality or cheesy content. I'm passionate about elevating awareness for businesses and non-profits who have stories worth sharing by creating storytelling packages and visual content that sets them apart, without compromising on budget. I worked as a director of marketing for a non-profit for 3 years and can empathize with the struggle it can be to produce quality content with a teeny-tiny budget. While in that role I was convicted to make sure that every dollar I spent on marketing was justified, and was adding to the overall growth of our mission, rather than taking away precious funds from the important services we were providing. I work with every client with that conviction in mind, and seek to partner with brands rather than benefit from them. I also work using a relatively limited set of gear compared to others in my industry. I have invested in a small number of state-of-the-art pieces of equipment that I have become incredibly familiar with, so clients are never paying extra just so that I can "cover my bases." Less is more. I love spending time learning not only about the mission of an organization or business, but also the people behind it, before producing something. I feel that honest storytelling starts with the heart behind the mission. Giving back is also a huge priority of mine that I'd like to implement into our business. Non-profits receive a 10% discount on all services and clients of any kind will be able to choose from a number of causes to allocate 10% of their overall quote to.

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