Rosetti Family // Photos


Hanging out with sweet fams has been one of my very favorite things to do recently.

I used to be intimidated at the idea of photographing kiddos because of the general unpredictability of mood, hunger, or energy levels, and the potential lack of ability to follow directions... I then I remembered that adults are exactly the same way but we're just more passive aggressive about it. HA! I've come to cherish delivering galleries full of slightly blurry + 100% candid shots to families with wiggly littles.

Not even 3 minutes into my session with the Rosetti fam we were completely bombarded with black flies. Let's just say that tears were flowing and game faces were dwindling before we'd even arrived to our destination spot... and the kids were having a hard time too ;) In all seriousness though, the girls were such troopers and are just absolute joys to be around. Fruit snacks, made up songs + dance parties saved the day and I had a blast!


Libery Lake Regional Park
Libery Lake, WA

Amanda Muchmore